Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The malleable face of Senator Gillibrand

New York's New Senator was a Tancredo clone when she was appointed a few days ago; by the next morning she was sounding like Ted Kennedy. Is she a good politician or just slippery?

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Political Lessons Taken on the Fly by Gillibrand
New York Times, by Michael Powell, February 2, 2009
... A Latina New York City councilwoman describes the senator’s views on immigration as insensitive, not to mention Paleolithic? Ms. Gillibrand gently holds her hand, peers up into her eyes and thanks her so much for sharing.

And so often now, Ms. Gillibrand stands ready to “evolve” — that decorous political verb of choice — on policy questions. At present, the senator is evolving at a particularly rapid rate on immigration, an issue on which she had favored tough enforcement. She now inclines to the view that “cowboy” tactics in immigration raids are uncivilized.

“These stories are terrible,” she said Monday morning at a meeting in Lower Manhattan with the Hispanic Federation, which represents major social service agencies. “It’s disturbing to who we are as Americans.”.

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