Friday, September 11, 2009

Wilson's Battle Cry Part II


Interesting that the President who really lied to us none stop never had anyone scream "liar" to him while he was giving a speech in Congress.


hiro said...

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Vicente Duque said...

I am astonished by the Vulgarity and Grossness of Joe Wilson and his action.

But it helped me to find a jewel and treasure of lexicography, dictionaries, etymologies, etc ..

I asked the dictionary for Heckling and I found this :

to heckle
1. To try to embarrass and annoy (someone speaking or performing in public) by questions, gibes, or objections; badger.

2. To interrupt (a public speaker) with comments, questions, or taunts

3. verb jeer, interrupt, shout down, disrupt, bait, barrack (informal) boo, taunt, pester

to barrack
1. Chiefly British To jeer or shout at a player, speaker, or team.
2. Australian To shout support for a team. Chiefly British
To shout against; jeer at.

The word "Barrack" reminds me of the Military and Militarism.

Then I think of Military Coups, Military Gorillas in power, Military Juntas, Military Despots and Tyrants.

And Militarism is very useful in Demagoguery .... Alcibiades, a Demagogue convinced the Athenians that invading the Island of Sicily and dominating the Sicilians was a piece of cake.

He led the Athenian Army to ruin and death in Sicily against an enemy of Great Courage and Intelligence. .... Alcibiades helped to destroy the Athenian Maritime Empire, great cost in human lives, ships, weapons, money, taxes, treasure of Goddess Athena, etc ........

Militarism is very closely linked to Demagogy and to Imbecility.

Perhaps Hecklers don't like free speech and their poor brains are only good to interrupt and obstruct the speaker.

Vicente Duque