Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Houston moving towards Arizona

Our Governor, Rick Perry, who thinks Texas should secede from the  Union is now pushing to eliminate what he calls "sanctuary cities," cities where immigration enforcement is not as stringent as in, lets say, Tucson....

As the Houston Chronicle rightly notes, he is diverting attention from the much more serious budget issue....

My son who is a banker who works with government entities and evaluates pension plans -  is telling me that I should not depend on my State of Texas pension plan, nor social security if I want to have money when I retire.  He says state pension plans are disappearing.... that to me is much more serious than a gardener living in Houston who has no visa... Yet as many of us know (and unfortunately some don't want to accept), Perry is off on a wild ride.   If he is not careful he could lead Texas into a bloody phase as Arizona is now seeing...

Perhaps the shooter in Arizona knows the person who has left dog feces on my driveway a few times this last couple of years...

Sorry Governor Perry, the violent ones are not the Mexicans living on this side, its some of those white guys who love Sarah Palin.

Perry puts priorities on illegal immigration and property rights


Jan. 11, 2011, 8:52PM

...GOP Gov. Rick Perry, welcoming lawmakers, immediately put a priority on enhancing private property rights and abolishing so-called "sanctuary cities."

He said immigration enforcement is the federal government's responsibility "but we cannot compound their failure by preventing Texas peace officers from doing their jobs."

Perry's emphasis on sanctuary cities is misplaced as it shifts attention away from a $27 billion budget shortfall that threatens to cripple schools, communities and public health, the head of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus said.

"I think law enforcement officials, not the governor, know best how to keep our communities safe," MALC Chairman Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, said. "If Gov. Perry was truly concerned about the safety and security of our citizens, he would never over-burden law enforcement with enforcing federal law instead of investigating and preventing violent crime."...more

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