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DREAM Act and

The Case Foundation and organized a special pre-Inauguration event at the National Press Club on Friday, January 16  the winners of the the Ideas for Change in America competition were announced.  This was followed by a panel of leading thinkers that discussed how the Obama administration and grassroots advocacy groups can use new online tools to deepen civic participation in America.

The panel included Chris Hughes, director of and co-founder of Facebook, and Jose Antonio Vargas, political reporter for the Washington Post. - We did it!
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We have officially gained the status of “Top 10 Ideas for Change” in America from

CONGRATULATIONS and a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted, everyone who lent their support and endorsements and propelled this idea to the top. Major props go to Dave Bennion from, Kyle from Citizen Orange, Kety Esquivel from NCLR for being on the ball, Katherine Harris from Immigration Forum for pushing through the NAM article, Anthony Alvarez from Chronicles of a Nomad Immigrant, Porter Corn from Mexico Trucker, Margarita Reyes and Andrea Ortega for lending An Unfinished DREAM video to the movement, the DREAM Act Portal, Liz Mateo from Dreams to be Heard, Greissa from Texas, Jon Pincus for his support and strategy-sharing tips, Nilav Bhadra and the students pushing this on Myspace and their own social networks, and of course the famed Underground Undergrads without whom this would not have been possible.

In the next few days, what students and supporters can do is:

1. No pressure - Vote for the DREAM Act on

2. Join the DreamActivist mailing list and add us as a friend on other social networking sites –>>>

3. Contact us if you want to get directly involved in the movement, join the United We DREAM coalition, lend resources, and be in the loop on the ground if you are a student group —>>

4. Submit suggestions on what can do to advance the DREAM Act here

MEDIA : To reach the administrators at DreamActivist for media-related inquiries, call 1-800-594-7498 or email
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