Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life and Ethics are more important than allegiance

Click here for link to Democracy Now program on latest news from Gaza


Gaza is living hell these days.  I can't sleep at night thinking of how people are running from place to place looking for safety.  I read the papers constantly.  Israeli officials told people to leave their houses.  People left and went to the schools.  There were 600 huddled in the U.N. school that was bombed yesterday.

I am not taking sides in this.  I am concerned about people being trapped in a small strip of land and not being able to get out.  As Americans we are no less guilty, think of the million plus Iraqi civilians that have died since we bulldozed our way into Baghdad.  

Perhaps it is good we are seeing pictures of the carnage in Gaza...  we are feeling it.  The horror in Iraq has been so removed... we are not aware of the hundreds of thousands of maimed bodies that we have left behind.  All we have are our traumatized soldiers, who have now been told that PTSD does not warrant a Purple Heart.  Yet, these soldiers return with the ghosts in their heads.  I work at a university and there is usually at least one in every class.  The soldiers bring the ghosts to us even if they don't say a word.

Who knows if Israel has a good reason to bomb the life out of Gaza.  It should be a good enough reason to find a solid diplomatic solution.  War these days only brings more terrorism.  All Israel is doing is recruiting more suicide bombers for the other side.  Many people say that Israel has to fight back...  especially thinking of the Holocaust where no one fought back or supported the Jews.  But resistance does not always mean violence.  There has to be a better way.

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