Friday, August 28, 2009

Afghan Refugees Undocumented in France

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War refugees are spreading all over Europe. What else can be expected? As often happens, the host countries don't want to welcome the new people. Even though the U.S. has devastated Iraq and much of Afghanistan, the number we admit as legal immigrants is miniscule.


Afghan Youths Seek a New Life in Europe

by Caroline Brothers
New York Times
August 27, 3009

...Thousands of lone Afghan boys are making their way across Europe, a trend that has accelerated in the past two years as conditions for Afghan refugees become more difficult in countries like Iran and Pakistan. Although some are as young as 12, most are teenagers seeking an education and a future that is not possible in their own country, which is still struggling with poverty and violence eight years after the end of Taliban rule.

...In Italy, 24 Afghan teenagers were discovered sleeping in a sewer in Rome this spring, and last year two adolescents died in Italian ports — one under a semitrailer in Venice and another inside a shipping container in Ancona. In Greece, which says it is overwhelmed by asylum seekers from many countries, there is no foster system for foreign minors; only 300 can be accommodated in the whole country, officials say....complete NYT article

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