Saturday, July 17, 2010

DC Mobilization: Updates & Information
The Dream is Coming
Friday, July 2, 2010
We are really excited with this upcoming mobilization, we are getting emails from everyone and their mother (literally) asking how they can participate. We want to link everyone together as best we can from here and the easiest way to do that is to have you register if you are interested in coming to DC. We can try to hook you up with a bus or a ride or connect you with others and you can carpool.

States and organizations mobilizing for Washington D.C.:
Arizona – Arizona Dream Act Coalition
California – Orange County Dream Team, Dream Team Los Angeles
Connecticut -
Delaware -
Florida – Dreamactivist Florida
Georgia – Georgia Dreamers
Illinois – Immigrant youth Justice League
Indiana – Latino Youth Collective
Kansas / Missouri – KS/MO Dream Alliance
Kentucky -
Maine – Citizenorange
Maryland -
Michigan – OneMichigan
Montana – DreamActivist MT
New Jersey -
New York – New York State Youth Leadership Counsel
North Carolina -
Ohio -
Oklahoma – Dream Act OK
Pennsylvania – Dreamactivist PA
Tennessee -
Texas – University Leadership Initiative
Virgina – Dreamactivist Virginia
Washington State – Washington Dream Act Coalition
Wisconsin – Voces de la Frontera

These are only the states that we have something confirmed in so far, if you are from one of these states please REGISTER so we can connect you with the organizer of each of these buses / carpools / caravans. If you do not see your state listed and you want to get it listed contact us at

Space is limited so if you have the capacity to organize a bus or even a van then do it and let us know so we can make sure you fill it up
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