Saturday, July 17, 2010

DREAM University OPENS TODAY! Support & take action

Dear DREAM Act Supporter,

This June thousands of Dreamers across the country again walked across the stage with every desire to continue their education, yet as the heads turn down and dismay begins to creep in, the leaders of the United We Dream Network SOUND A SCHOOL BELL IN THE DISTANCE!

Opening the doors to a new opportunity-an opportunity to be the inaugural class of the first ever university FOR ALL WHO SEEK THE DREAM OF GOING TO COLLEGE but are denied based on status. The DREAM University was founded on the mission that passing the DREAM Act this year is no longer an option, but a MANDATE, by a generation; a university founded on the principle that expanding the right to higher education to ALL in this country regardless of nation, creed, or status, is long overdue.

On July 14, 2010, the gates to higher education will be opened wide, as all those Dreams deferred are accepted and cordially invited to Washington DC to be the inaugural class of DREAM University.

The time has come to unify our voices and demand that the DREAM Act passes this year; we must inaugurate DREAM University with full force on July 14th, 2010 and show our determination and our courage!


United We Dream Network

Join us!

SIGN UP to join DREAM University in Washington DC - We will be starting on July 14th- Contact our Admission Lead - Maricela Aguilar at or (414) 469-6671

Volunteer for DREAM University!

We are putting a mass action together in DC and we need your help - please contact Emilio Vicente at or (919) 200-8239


TEACH-INS are happening everyday as part of the program of DREAM U - If you are a teacher, professor, educator, or just someone that wants to teach a class in DREAM U - please contact our Curriculum Lead - Carlos Saavedra at or (617) 459-1935

If you cannot attend but would like to help make this event successful, please consider donating!!! Please contact Julieta Garibay at or 512-297-9417

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