Saturday, September 22, 2007

Stock on the DREAM Act and Political Hypocrisy

Professor Margaret Stock is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Military Police Corps, U.S. Army Reserve; and an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Professor Stock, who is a member of the Federalist Sopciety (and recently spoke at UC Davis about immigrants in the military), is a thoughtful immigration expert.

Stock recently wrote on the ImmProf listserve about some of the latest political shenanigans in Congress:

"It's been interesting today to watch the various Congressional Representatives and Senators railing against Senator Durbin's tactic of trying to attach the DREAM Act to a DOD authorization bill. Among the ones who have been saying that this tactic is inherently wrong are Tom Tancredo, John Cornyn, and others who said nothing when the same tactic was used by R. James Sensenbrenner and others to pass anti-immigration legislation. Recall that REAL ID was passed as part of the Emergency Supplemental DOD appropriations bill. What did REAL ID have to do with a DOD emergency appropriations bill? Not much. If anyone can remember which other anti-immigration legislation in the past has been stuck onto DOD appropriations or authorization bills, let me know--I'm making a list."

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