Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Does the DREAM Act really have a chance with OBAMA?

Are Dreamers really optimistic that OBAMA will have some type of impact on the DREAM Act?

Over 8,000 people have signed a petition wanting the president to PASS the DREAM act in his first 100 days. I feel that even though none of the presidential candidates don't speak about Immigration, much will be done. How much and how fast will it be done? I don't know, but they must be accountable within the first 100 days. Immigration has to compete with the Economy, the WAR, Healthcare, and the Environment. All are very important -- bring our troops home!

Will the government give us the DREAM Act Vs. CIR? or vice versa?

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Lal said...

DREAM has a much better chance of passing along with CIR.

I believe that the American people would be more willing for immigration reform and pro-legalization given some more terrorizing by ICE, sadly enough.

At the same time I am distrustful of politicians. Even if Obama wins Presidency, lets hope he has enough coattails to snatch up more Senate seats. We need 5 more to over-ride filibuster and thank god Tancredo is gone.