Wednesday, June 18, 2008

European Union Approves Harsh Immigration Rules

Maybe it was the 60 cars that young people burned in Vitry-le-François in France on Saturday night (14th). Maybe the European Union is being influenced by the increasingly harsh immigration policies of the U.S. What ever the reason, many people will be affected.

Europe is teeming with immigrants.

The changing laws bring to mind Europe's colonial history - telling the immigrants from former colonies, and other developing nations:

Let us colonize you. Let us buy your country's cheap labor. But don't come visit.
EU lawmakers back controversial new immigration rules

The Associated Press
Wednesday, June 18, 2008; 9:42 AM

STRASBOURG, France -- The European Parliament on Wednesday approved controversial new rules for expelling illegal immigrants from the bloc, overcoming opposition from left-leaning lawmakers and ignoring protests from human rights activists.

The move comes amid a tide of anti-immigrant sentiment across the wealthy bloc, with Italy blaming foreigners for a spike in violent crime and France grappling with tensions in the immigrant-heavy suburbs ringing urban centers.

As economic hard times loom in many EU countries, governments are coming under increased pressure to act tough on immigration. Until now, there has been no common EU policy on expelling illegal immigrants, and detention periods varied from 32 days in France to indefinite custody in Britain, the Netherlands and five other countries...

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