Wednesday, June 11, 2008

DREAMACTTEXAS censured? Lots of people must read our posts

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Blocked Text?

Yesterday as I was looking up a dreamacttexas post from May 2008 I noticed that that there were a number of gray boxes covering parts of our commentaries. I looked at other months and it was the same. The boxes came up when I would click the month and year - such as April 2008.

The pattern to the boxes is curious. They covered topics such as e-verify, immigration marches, legislative advocacy for the DREAM Act.

When I go back to get the link of the particular post the gray box is gone.

Suppose someone out there (DHS?) doesn't want viewers to see certain information - how obvious can they be by picking these particular posts? It's either DHS or some really good Minute Man hacker.

The gray boxes have appeared before - several months ago. We also had additional technical problems that caused google to shut dreamacttexas ability to respond to commentaries for several weeks and then even blocked blog's authors from accessing the site to make posts.

As one of the dreamacttexas team says when DHS or the USDJ (U.S. Department of Justice) check out our website - what a privilege that we are being monitored - someone must think people are really listening to us.


Symsess said...


You guys might want to try Wordpress instead. I like it much better than Blogger as I started my blog here too.

You can migrate your account over and it's fairly easy to do. However, if it's the governmnent doing it then I guess it'll follow too.

While I'm here let me thank you for all the wonderful posts and your work towards helping others.

Lal said...

That is f***ed up.

I have a domain that is unused and registered to the same group of students who are working on ... And we rent the server so its not likely to be censored like free services unless they want me calling them to demand my money back, LOL.

I believe the unused domain name is Let me know if you would be interested. Would get you unlimited space, bandwidth, themes, plugins using a popular blog system like wordpress. No costs whatsoever. Your blog is an amazing service to a lot of Dreamers and needs to be read by as many people as possible.