Monday, October 12, 2009

A Mexican Love Story

“World transformation begins with self-transformation,” he [Millan] advises. To achieve that, he says, you need a co-pilot: “My suggestion is you have somebody next to you that is willing at any time to transform the moment. That is called dog.” Cesar Millan

He is from Culiacan, they called him El Perrero when he was growing up, because he had an uncanny way of relating and communicating with dogs. He came to L.A. and by amazing luck, met the future wife of Will Smith, trained her dog - and the rest is history.

If Cesar Millan were to be a resident of Mexico in 2009, with all his money, he would have no trouble immigrating... (that's reality folks). But when he came as a young teenager, he didn't have any clout, wasn't famous yet. So he had to come sans papiers (undocumented) - Now he is El Perrero to the stars. His TV show has just been syndicated by Fox...

What can we learn from this guy?


Whispering to Rottweilers, and to C.E.O.’s -

New York Times

October 10, 2009 by Amy Wallace

Disclosure: I own 3 dogs and two cats (Flora, Laika, Guapa, William, and Bridger - and my daughter wants to be a dog trainer)

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