Thursday, October 29, 2009

DREAMer Nightmares

The painting is famous, its called "The Scream" by Edward Munch, (created between 1893-1910)*. Yet it reminds me of the DREAMer in the middle of a nightmare. He is at the border, the Rio Grande behind him - he has been detained and may soon be send across that fence.
Below is an article a colleague sent me. It is just one more story of a DREAMer caught in our ridiculous immigration maze. Be sure to read the commentaries.

Nightmare of a Dream Student - NAM
by Roberto Rodriguez, New American Media

Posted: Oct 26, 2009 Review it on NewsTrust

TUCSON, Ariz. -- I’ll refer to her as Leticia X.

She is undocumented, but has been in this country since the age of three and is a top student at her high school. Yet, unless the law changes soon, she will be unable to continue with her studies. She tells my students at the University of Arizona that it is wrong that she will not be able to attend college next year: “I consider myself a U.S. citizen. It’s the only country I’ve ever known...” link to complete article

* sometimes paintings or other great works of art take a long time

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Vicente Duque said...

There has been a Heated Discussion about Latinos in Colleges of North Carolina.

This has been recorded by a Great Latino Journalist, Franco Ordonez of the "Charlotte Observer".

First there were a lot of Angry and even Foolish posts against Franco in his blog :

Franco has certainly the skin of a Hippo to tolerate such nasty, unpolite and even racist anti-Latino remarks and comments of foolishness inside his blog.

But lately there have been some decisions in favor of Latino Students ( although still not perfect or the best ) made by College or State Authorities of North Carolina.

I consider of extreme importance all websites that are concerned about Latino Education like "Dream Act Texas" of Marie-Theresa Hernández.

For me, it is an article of Faith that every nation has to educate the youngsters inside its borders, and has to be blind about colors and ethnics.

Not doing so is courting disaster, and breeding delinquency or criminality.

Thanks Marie-Theresa for your blog "Dream Act Texas"

I also put a little grain of sand in education numbers, schools, youngsters or demography :

Vicente Duque