Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trail of DREAMs II - It takes strong feet

The walkers from the Trail of DREAMs have been walking almost a week, and recently arrived in West Palm Beach

From the Trail of DREAMs blog

January 7, 2010

West Palm Beach

..Tonight when I looked at my feet I thought of my mother. Her feet were full of callouses due to the incredible hardships she faced during her life. But the most beautiful thing about it is that her feet are strong and can take burden and that’s how mine will grow to become with this journey. My physical pain draws me closer to my objective but it also makes me think of the wonderful people I know and met. I am very tired as it has been happening a very eventful day. As a matter of fact, I am falling over the computer screen but I had to share with you just a little of this wonderful to complete blog post

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