Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trail of DREAMs VII

January 20, 2010

From the Magic City, Orlando

Our walk is dedicated to Rita and her family, who fights to keep her family together.

A reporter asked me today about the most difficult experience I’ve had during the walk -I thought about: my family, boyfriend, students, friends and although it is hard to be without them honestly, the hardest thing is having to say goodbye everyday. Our walk, most of the time, ends in a stranger’s home.

We’ve had the privilege to find people who treat us like their children. They say the reason so many young children cry the first day of school is not because they are scared, rather it’s because they feel the parent’s sorrow in having to let go of their little one. When we first get there, there is always a great feast. Towels, socks, and blankets are plentiful. Advice, prayers, hugs and kisses are shared, but most importantly we receive tons of love. I was afraid of feeling alone and missing my family yet, in every town we have entered, I feel my family has extended. We are creating a more united community and are helping to develop a unified human race that does not discriminate against nationality, race or creed. Thank you to all those who have open their homes and have made thus far the Trail of DREAMs possible. link

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