Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trail of DREAMs IV - Comments on Reprieve for Haitian Immigrants

January 15, 2010
From Coco Beach

This afternoon, I checked my email as I walked, and I was in complete surprise to read the title heading: “Secretary Napolitano Announces Temporary Protected Status for Haiti”. For years, our South Florida Haitian community and Immigrant Rights groups nationwide have asked the U.S. Government to grant TPS for Haitians, especially after the Island was hit with four hurricanes in 08’. I felt a great relief and excitement for only a moment because immediately I started to think about the estimated 100,000 people that are believed to be dead after Tuesday’s earthquake. I asked myself, how could it be that this is what it takes to get clemency for our immigrant Haitian brothers and sisters? I hope that as you read this blog, you can take a moment of silence and mentally put yourself in the shoes of those thousands of Haitian refugees, that besides living under extreme poverty levels, now have to deal with their devastated island. -Carlos Roa

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