Sunday, February 14, 2010

Don't Educate So People Will Believe Anything

Many say that our public education has been going downhill for decades. Even more so now that "Test Culture" has taken over learning. While students are learning how to take tests, they are not exposed to important aspects of history and society. They don't know who Napoleon is, or Queen Victoria, or Queen Elizabeth 1, Freud, or the Great Society. And of course they don't know anything about places other than Europe and the United States...

This is the way of our world. Now then you wonder why Sarah Palin appeals to so many people. It's a reverse brain washing. Don't teach and people will desperately look for their own teachers... even if the teacher knows very little.

See Palin's Sleight of Hand by Frank Rich and

How Christian Were Our Founders? by Russell Shorto

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