Monday, February 1, 2010

Trail of DREAMS XII - My Real Home

Ecuador is my birthplace but where is my home? January 31, 2010
I celebrated my 25th birthday on January 28. I can honeslty say it was the best birthday of my life time and I could have not celebrated it in another way.

On my birthday I realized three main things. First, I have a family that really loves me. Second, despite what others may echo, I have the most amazing friends in the world. And lastly, no matter where you celebrated birthdays they are always more fun when you are doing something good in your life.

My birthday started at 12:00 AM On January 28, 2010 with a serenade form my father. Him, my sister, her husband, and Jose drove all the way from Miami to Gainesville (a 27 day walk) to see me and wish me a happy birthday. It was a really surprised to me. As I was getting ready to shower, I heard the singing of my father. Puzzled because it sounded toO clear to come from a computer, I came outside to check it out. Once I got to the living room, Carlos and Felipe V. both looked at each other and asked what it was.

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