Wednesday, November 5, 2008

And now the DREAM ACT?

Obama promised he would pass the DREAM ACT in the first few days of his administration. What can we do to help make this happen?


Anonymous said...

As a DREAMer, I hope Obama really does move this as quickly as possible!

I've been dogged down enough in the past :(

forever21 said...

Pres. elect Obama should pass the DREAM ACT into law as soon as he gets into the oval office. These undocumented children should not be punished for the crime of their elders. They were brought to America clueless of the consequences of being undocumented here. These youngsters having lived and been educated here have assimilated very well to the American life and culture. Many are talented, ambitious and will surely be assets to the American society if given the chance to be legal residents here. America is known for ite generosity, compassion and benevolence. Why dont we give such to these youngsters who has been living here for at least a decade. America loses nothing by legalizing these "dreamers", but will gain a lot from these young, enthusiastic and grateful soon-to- be Americans. Let us not punish these innocents but let us help them realize the "American dream" by enacting into law the DREAM ACT ahead of any comprehensive immigration bill.