Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama meets Bush at the White House

MONDAY, NOV. 10, 2008 18:08 EST
Obama meets with Bush
WASHINGTON -- Maybe he was just waiting until he had the right reason to drop by, but Barack Obama made his first-ever trip to the Oval Office Monday afternoon, meeting with President Bush for about an hour to discuss the transition.

Obama and his wife, Michelle, who met separately with Laura Bush, arrived a little early for their visit. The Bushes greeted them outside, the four posed for pictures, and then they went inside for private talks.

"President-elect Barack Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama were very warmly welcomed today at the White House by President George Bush and First Lady Laura Bush," said Stephanie Cutter, Obama's transition spokeswoman, in a statement that called the meeting "productive and friendly." "They had a broad discussion about the importance of working together throughout the transition of government in light of the nation’s many critical economic and security challenges. President-elect Obama thanked President Bush for his commitment to a smooth transition, and for his and First Lady Laura Bush's gracious hospitality in welcoming the Obamas to the White House..."

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