Sunday, November 9, 2008

Should people stop watching CBS?

The following list is scary.

This is from
Remember Dan Rather? Remember how CBS fired him cause of the planted memo, "memogate" ?

Well, he is suing CBS, 70 million for wrongful termination. This is what Rather's lawyers found during the "discovery". CBS was gonna appoint an independent panel to review the case. Rather accused CBS with choosing right wingy stooges.

The lawyers found a list of what CBS thought would be other independent "reviewer":

Herein, CBS’s full list of "others":

I found one liberal, can you find another?

William Buckley
Robert Novak
Kate O’Beirne
Nicholas Von Hoffman
Tucker Carlson
Pat Buchanan
George Will
Lou Dobbs
Matt Drudge
Robert Barkley
Robert Kagan
Fred Barnes
William Kristol
John Podhoretz
David Brooks
William Safire
Bernard Goldberg
Ann Coulter
Andrew Sullivan
Christopher Hitchens
PJ O’Rourke
Christopher Caldwell
Elliot Abrams
Charles Krauthammer
William Bennett
Rush Limbaugh

see The New York Observer, "Juicy Bits Surfacing in Rather Case" November 6, 2008

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