Friday, December 12, 2008

Bush Administration says Obamas can't move into Blair House early

It seems very strange that the Bush administration will not let the Obamas move into Blair House before January 15th. Obama asked for the accommodations so that his daughters could start school right after the holidays, thus making their transition less stressful. Blair House is logical, especially because of the heightened security it can offer. Plus, having Obama across the street from the White House would probably make the country feel a little more secure. Maybe Bush thinks Obama will be too close for comfort. No matter what the reason, has anyone ever heard of a president-elect being denied a request of this nature?

It would be interesting to see what is really on the Blair House schedule that is more important than a request from our incoming president.


The Blair House web site states:

Blair House has stood in front of the White House for more than 180 years, witness to events of extraordinary importance for the nation and her people. For decades the rooms of this stately home have played an even more active role, serving United States foreign policy as a gracious residence, meeting place, and sanctuary for visiting heads of state.

Obama aides: White House says Obamas can't move into Blair House early, other events scheduled

By PHLIIP ELLIOTT | Associated Press Writer
Chicago Tribune
3:29 PM CST, December 12, 2008

CHICAGO (AP) — President-elect Barack Obama asked the White House if his family could move to Washington earlier than normal, but aides say the White House couldn't give them the official guest house as early as his family wanted.

The Obamas had asked White House officials to move into Blair House about two weeks before the traditional date so their two daughters could start their new school when classes resume Jan. 5. Obama aides say the White House told them that the request cannot be met because the current administration still has plans for the historic government home across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House.

An Obama aide said the family was told that there were previously scheduled events at the Blair House and guests could not be displaced. The aide, who was not authorized to speak about Obama family matters, spoke on the condition of anonymity...more

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