Friday, December 19, 2008

Giving Something to Veterans

One of the worst travesties these days is what is happening to U.S. military veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.  The death toll is only a fraction of the terrible things that are occuring.  The injuries are horrific.  Modern medicine has kept many alive, but their lives are ruined.  The suicide rate is astronomical and is said to be the same number of those who actually died while on a tour.  

Veterans for America has released a guide to help with problems that arise.  While this is a very small thing considering all that our veterans need, it is still helpful.  A link to the 500+ page book is posted below the NYT editorial.
Survival Guide for Veterans

New York Times
Published: December 18, 2008
Far too often, military veterans find themselves desperately short of the information they need as they make the torturous quest for benefits within one of this country’s most daunting bureaucracies, the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Officials say help is on the way, but administrators are forever promising to streamline procedures for an era of conquered paperwork that never seems to come. That is why it is heartening to see that one promising form of help has indeed arrived: a 599-page guide to veterans’ issues, from educational help to vocational rehabilitation, from housing to citizenship.

It’s called “The American Veterans’ and Servicemembers’ Survival Guide,” and it comes, unsurprisingly, from outside the system. It is a publication of the nonprofit advocacy group Veterans for America, available as a free download at

click here for link to the Veteran's Survival Guide
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