Friday, December 12, 2008

London Police Lie about Brazilian's Death

Why was it so easy to kill Jean Charles de Menezes in London? Why did London police so easily think he was a terrorist? Was is because he was not white? The department's lies make the death of Menezes even more horrific.

link to editorial on Menezes' death from the London Guardian

Menezes: Did the police lie?

By Mark Hughes, Crime correspondent
London Independent
Saturday, 13 December 2008

Jean Charles de Menezes was not lawfully killed as part of an anti-terrorist operation, a jury decided yesterday, rejecting the police account of how the Brazilian died as not to be trusted.

Returning an open verdict at the end of the 12-week inquest, the jurors contradicted evidence given by seven firearms and surveillance officers when they answered a series of 13 questions put to them by the coroner.

In particular, they said they refused to believe that the first officer to open fire, codenamed C12, had shouted a warning of "armed police" first. They also rejected the officer's claim that the Brazilian had walked towards him.

Mr de Menezes died on 22 July 2005 aged 27, after police mistook him for a terrorist and shot him seven times in the head. The coroner, Sir Michael Wright, had already stopped the jury from returning a verdict of unlawful killing, leaving open and lawful killing verdicts as the only possibilities...more

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