Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jack & the Box and Diabetes

Food that will push you towards becoming diabetic:

1.  Jack in the Box hamburgers
2.  McDonalds
3.  Burger King
4.  carbonated softdrinks
5.  most store-bought cookies
6.  many bottled fruit juices

Diabetes is killing us.  As I write this my 48 year old brother has gone through his 4th dialysis treatment in five days.  As kids, we never thought twice about going to get food from Jack and the Box.

My students were aghast a few weeks ago when I told them a colleague of mine who is a researcher at a Cambridge diabetes research center told me that this generation will have a shorter life span than the previous.  My family is getting to it early.  My brother unfortunately has a bleak future ahead of him.  My parents are in their 80s.  They didn't grow up on junk food.


The chain's junior bacon cheeseburger is ranked as 'the most unhealthful'

value item available among the offerings of national fast-food chains, according to the Cancer Project.
By Jerry Hirsch
December 9, 2008
Recessionary eating isn't always healthful eating, especially when it comes to the $1 value menus pushed by fast-food chains to keep sales growing through the economic slump, according to one health watchdog.

Jack in the Box's Junior Bacon Cheeseburger was ranked "the most unhealthful" value item available among the offerings of national fast-food chains, according to an analysis by dietitians with the nonprofit Cancer Project in Washington that is scheduled to be released today.

The $1 burger from San Diego-based Jack in the Box topped the ranking because of its hamburger patty and "hefty helpings of cheese and mayo-onion sauce," said Krista Haynes, Cancer Project staff dietitian.

The item contains 23 grams of fat, 860 milligrams of sodium, and bacon, a processed meat that Haynes said was associated with increased colorectal cancer risk.

Jack in the Box spokesman Brian Luscomb said the burger was a "great value for guests looking for a flavorful meal, but if you are looking for something else there are plenty of other great items on our value menu to choose from," including a chicken sandwich and a salad.

McDonald's new $1 McDouble sandwich and Irvine-based Taco Bell's 89-cent Cheesy Double Beef Burrito are among the other items singled out in the Cancer Project's report on the five least healthful fast-food value menu items..
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james said...

Hi - it's valuable to note this is type 2 diabetes, caused by diet, lack of exercise, and an overall sedentary lifestyle.

Not to be confused with type 1, which is genetic based.