Sunday, April 26, 2009

The DREAMers and the Blended Family

A DREAMer and her family, originally from  Ecuador are interviewed by a NYT reporter:

see "A Family Divided by 2 Words," New York Times, April 26, 2009

Blended families are not new.  My paternal grandfather was born in Monclova, MX, my paternal grandmother was born in Laredo, Texas.  My father was born in Saltillo, MX and my mother in Laredo, Texas.  My son just married a woman from Buenos Aires.  He was born in Bryan, Texas.  They met in New York City.

Even before our global society, there were these types of blended families.  Winston Churchill's mother was American, his father a British Lord (except they had no problem with a visa).  Barack Obama's parents were a "blended couple."  The thing is, Obama's father might have had a much harder time coming to the U.S. in a post 9-11 world.  

A few decades ago, the DREAMer born in Ecuador would be doing just fine, and probably would be an American citizen by now.  But the U.S. has lost its desire for new blood.  What a terrible loss.

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