Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DREAMers who plan to enlist: Beware

One of the options connected to the DREAM Act is for students to enlist in the U.S. military so that they can regularize their status.  This is a real threat to DREAMers, since the current suicide rate of military (active or discharged) is extremely high.

see this interview:

Democracy Now - April 29, 2009

The US military is grappling with a record number of soldier suicides. At least thirteen soldiers took their lives last month. That’s down from the twenty-four military suicides in January and eighteen in February, but still in line with the most number of suicides since record keeping began. As many as 143 soldiers reportedly took their own lives last year. We speak with Emma Prophet, an investigator at the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office. link

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Vicente Duque said...

Marie-Theresa :

The Worst Thing that Young Latinos can do is to go to Useless and Absurd Wars.

War is always Racist, Sadist, an Orgy of Bastardy.

Consider that Latinos are being kicked to death by scoundrels and there is a possibility of acquittal for the thugs that killed Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah Pennsylvania, July 2008.


Acquittal for the Shenandoah Pennsylvania Murderers ??
Consuetudinary Law and Clockwork Orange

An acquittal would be devastating for Civil Rights and for "Western Civilization" ( whatever that is ).

That would be the legitimization for all thugs and bastards everywhere, a great encouragement to Nazi Skinheads, to Ku Klux Klan, to Aryan Nation and all those scoundrels.

The eyes of the Whole World are on this trial to see the outcome.

Can you think what the billion and a half Muslims can say if there is an acquittal of this Horrible Murder ??

The wars of Iraq or Afghanistan are not fought in a small area or country but in many countries and millions of square miles with billions of people.

And they are not fought only with bullets and bombs, but with the hearts and minds of millions of nice, common and humble people.

A divided house is not the best outcome and Future for American Justice.

And the Foreign countries won't feel more respect for the USA if those that are not Milk White can be kicked in their heads until dead, just for fun and sport.

A court can create Consuetudinary Law and enter the times of "Clockwork Orange".

What is "Consuetudinary Law" ??

According to Wikipedia :

"Consuetudinary (Medieval Latin consuetudinarius, from consuetudo: custom), customary, a term applied to law where the rule of law is determined by long-standing customs as opposed to case law or legislative processes leading to novel statutory written law. Most laws of consuetudinary basis deal with standards of community that have been long-established in a given locale."

So the custom of killing "Brownies" and "Darkies" can be established.

And then we enter the times of the "Clockwork Orange"

Vicente Duque