Monday, November 2, 2009

Sen. Vitter Pefers Sex Workers to Undocumented Immigrants

From our dear family values Senator Vitter who was found to frequent prostitutes*: "don't count undocumented immigrants in the 2010 census." Smart Idea! Maybe its better to see just how much federal funding states can lose when they realize that this population is a significant portion of their population. If California is having problems now, can you imagine what would happen if all the undocumented people in the state would not be counted?

One other thing about the census. How can undocumented people feel comfortable enough to cooperate with the census when its just one more way for the government to keep tabs on them - and risk them for deportation? Sounds like our government has created a double-bind here.
Don't count illegal immigrants? That doesn't add up --

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by Gregory Rodriguez
November 2, 2009
Like other efforts to make them non-people, a proposal to exclude them from the 2010 census doesn't do anything to deal with the problem.

Gregory Rodriguez

November 2, 2009

Sen. David Vitter, a Louisiana Republican, has introduced legislation that, if passed, would instruct the U.S. Census Bureau not to take into account illegal immigrants and other noncitizens in the 2010 census. I'm all for it. Furthermore, I propose that the government no longer recognize deficits in budgets, record violent crimes in police reports, acknowledge casualties of war or count -- let alone give proper names! -- to hurricanes in weather reports.

Vitter's last-minute proposal -- census questionnaires, which are scheduled to be sent out in the spring, have already been printed -- is the latest in the political right's increasingly absurdist "fight" against illegal immigration. I put "fight" in quotes because these tactics actually do nothing to solve the problem of illegal immigration. Indeed, other than deprive the country's three most populous states of more congressional seats, Vitter's amendment would simply continue the restrictionists' strategy of pretending illegal immigration can be solved by depriving people of basic rights or, in this case, refusing to even acknowledge their existence...
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*click here see article on Vitter and his connection to prostitutes

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