Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why did the U.S. go against the Goldstone Report?

left - CNN photo of Gaza bombing

The UN is set to endorse the Goldstone Report. France and the UK are also supporting the report. Why doesn't the U.S. follow suit? How can the world's greatest democracy ignore the reality of the January 2009 Israeli offensive against Gaza?


UN set to call for investigations into Gaza war by Israel and Palestinians

London Guardian - November 4, 2009 -

Rory McCarthy in Ramallah

General assembly expected to back resolution endorsing Goldstone report on alleged war crimes

The UN general assembly is expected to approve a resolution this week calling on Israel and the Palestinians to carry out independent investigations into serious allegations of war crimes committed during the Gaza conflict last January.

A debate on a highly critical UN report, written by the South African judge Richard Goldstone, begins today, with a vote on a resolution likely . Negotiations are continuing on the resolution and several European countries are trying to change the to complete Guardian article

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