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From Corinne -DC Ally
Trail of Dreams

Posted on May 28, 2010 by juan

Dear Trail of DREAMS and all justice fighters,

At CASA de Maryland today, we called Florida Senator Lemieux's office and I thought of you. I'm sure you've spent hours trying to get him on board. Have you met him?

Well, what can I say? I cannot express how much connecting with you and Felipe meant to me, and especially how much you put into the impromptu talk/discussion at CASA de Maryland a few weeks ago. It was very special for the team and my boss, Mauricio Lopez, to meet you. (Carmen, the girl with the long hair and glasses was the first who told me about the Trail of Dreams!!); the stories you shared while you were here were stunning and so hopeful. Human connection is so basic, and so strong. We just have to rediscover our unity as the human race -connected by pain, laughter, loss, family, work, and love.

You know, you four are going to be in history books. I am sure of it. Your knowledge and the way you carry yourselves is just what the movement needs to push forward. The Trail is the spark! Look who’s doing the sit-in’s in Arizona. Look at all the actions planned for this summer. Look at immigrant sports players’ responses to the Arizona law.

I am incredibly honored to have offered you hospitality. My Dad said to me that preparing for you to come, "is important work. They need a place to rest." And I hope you were able to rest a bit at our Dorothy Day house of peace. I missed you all very much on Friday evening and Saturday after all the activities since the Trail’s arrival in DC.

Especially after meeting the DREAMers, it is difficult to work here in the CIR phone bank at CASA de Maryland – on the phone, talking to many people who have never met a migrant, never heard about the injustices so many families face today in the U.S., or don’t know how ridiculously and inhumanely the US government and Congress continue to treat them. After learning so much more about your journey and fight for a liberation, hearing about your family, learning more about the movement, I feel like I’m right in it. The part of a major movement that is lead by youth and is only going to grow. I am honored and excited to continue adding to the energy.

Thinking about the phone bank, I keep remembering what you said about how this fight is not about numbers, it’s a greater struggle than the legislation -you’re totally right. And that’s a bit discouraging, you know? Like, what is the right way to tackle this thing? But I always come back to that human connection piece...and that's exactly where you guys stand about the humanity of migrants and justice for all.

To quote a good friend named Michael Walli -a friend of mine who is now incarcerated after trespassing onto the School of the Americas military base- he called the Trail of Dreams, “self-sacrificial young people on their missionary journey for justice,” and that the Holy Family leads the immigrants rights movement as they were undocumented migrants living in exile in Egypt after fleeing Palestine/Israel.

I am anxious for your journey through Phoenix, Arizona. I wish I could go. I believe and have faith that you and all other protesters will challenge SB1070 and spread the freedom message to many people.

ARE YOU OKAY? I can't imagine the culture shock? There must be quite a shock after WALKING 1500 MILES. I am truly thinking about you and praying for you and your family in this difficult time. It is so impressive, your willingness to share your family's strong story with so many, as it must be painful to talk about. But I bet you gain much strength every time you share these words.

But you know what? I also sense that change is coming. I can feel something happening. I felt something when I heard you speak about your passion and devotion to justice. I felt it when I sat in Arizona Senator Jan Brewer's office with Wooten and so many other energetic, beautiful, colorful young activists to stand up against SB 1070. I felt it when we stood outside the White House at the Peace Vigil and someone shouted to you three, "Hey, look, you guys made it!!!"

Early last week, Art Laffin and Kathy Boylan, two witnesses for peace and justice at the DDCW participated in a "Die-in" at Grand Central Station in New York City (can you imagine?!) to stand for an end to all nuclear weapon creation, war, torture, and killing. Art said the message reached thousands of people that day.

To you and the hundreds of other dreamers, know that you have reached thousands of people on your walk. And that will only inspire thousands more to act. Thank you for your work, so many are eternally grateful for your valiant actions and can't wait to follow in your footsteps - literally.

Much love,

In peace and solidarity,

Corinne Ducey
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