Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gutierrez, June 8 Deadline to Deliver the DREAM Act
Thursday, June 3, 2010
The Dream is Coming

From: The Immigrant Youth Justice League and allies
To: Congressman Gutierrez

Dear Congressman Gutierrez,

Thank you for all the work you have done to improve the conditions that immigrant families face.

We, like you, are deeply committed to the well being of our communities and to fighting for legalization for undocumented people.

We would like you to collaborate with us in shifting the standard for immigration reform away from enforcement and the criminalization of our communities.

We believe that the DREAM Act can help establish a positive standard of immigration reform.

We come here today to ask for your support in passing the DREAM Act as a standalone bill this year in order to set a positive standard for reform based on education, hard work, and fairness.

In specific, we are asking you to help us in the following ways:

Write a public statement supporting DREAM Act as a standalone bill this year.
Help us push the Congressional Hispanic Caucus for commitments on pushing DREAM Act as a standalone bill as a first step for immigration reform.
Write a public memo/ statement towards Reform Immigration for America and other Comprehensive Immigration Reform activists advocating for the DREAM Act as a standalone bill this year.

We are asking you to please have a response to our requests on Tuesday June 8th.

Youth all over the country are working very hard to gain co sponsors for the DREAM Act in order for it to be passed this year. As a long time ally to the undocumented immigrant community we are asking for your support and collaboration.

Thank you once again for agreeing to meet with us and consolidating this process of collaboration for the rights of undocumented people.


The Immigrant Youth Justice League
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Vicente Duque said...

The Dream Act is about the Value of Youth :

Are Young Students a Treasure or are they Garbage ?? .... Those that want to deport Youngsters are looking for Economic Problems in the Future, when you evict Intelligence and Youth you kill the Future.


Videos : of angry racist people in Prescott Arizona, because of a Mural depicting a "colored" child, black or brown, Artist is White and Blond

Artist says in video that the Child is "Black" - Mural was chosen by kids and teachers.

First Video :

frostedhead — June 05, 2010 — An Arizona council member was fired from his radio show Friday night for calling a school mural "pathetic" and saying he does not understand why there is "a black guy" painted on the building.

Arizona mural controversy after artist asked to 'lighten' skin

Second Video :

0Mindless0 — June 05, 2010 — You read it right! Prescott, Arizona is making the artists who did a commissioned mural make the children in it appear white due to racial slurs being shouted at it. Douchebags of the decade, perhaps?

Arizona mural showing minority children to be whitewashed!

Look for the videos in or watch them directly - Here :

Vicente Duque