Thursday, June 3, 2010

HUNGER STRIKE IN NY: Students Challenge Senator Schumer to Champion DREAM Act
Friday, May 28, 2010
The Dream is Coming

Friday, May 28th 2010
Challenge Senator Schumer to be a leader on the Dream Act

New York, NY. On Tuesday, June 1st, a group of immigrant youth from the New York State Youth Leadership Council will begin a hunger strike in front of Senator Charles Schumer’s New York City Office. This action was postponed last week after a verbal commitment was made by the office of Senator Schumer to provide a response regarding the possibility of a Congressional Hearing for the Dream Act by Thursday afternoon. As further proof of the continual Congressional inaction and broken promises on the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM Act), Senator Schumer’s office failed to provide a response and show its commitment to immigrant youth and their futures. The youth are urging Senator Schumer to move the DREAM Act forward in the Senate as a standalone bill.

The DREAM Act would allow immigrant youth who meet certain criteria, including coming to the US as children, graduating from high school, and completing two years of college or military service, to be on a path to citizenship. While Senator Schumer has co-sponsored the Act, he has been notably absent in the fight to move it forward and pass it this year, despite many efforts on the part of immigrant youth to urge him to do so. Due to his position as Chairman of the Senate Immigration Subcommittee, Senator Schumer has a huge role to play in the passage of any immigration legislation, including the DREAM Act, and his inaction is devastating to the prospects of passage of the DREAM Act this year.

This action comes on the heels of the detention of three undocumented students who staged a sit-in at Senator John McCain’s office in Arizona in support of the DREAM Act, and other acts of peaceful resistance and sit ins across the country by DREAM Act eligible youth who tired of broken promises and false hopes.

Press Conference+Rally

When: Tuesday, June 1st

Who: Immigrant Youth from NYSYLC, La Union, Eye Openers SI, WALK, high school students and college students from CUNY, NYU, Columbia University, will begin hunger strike.

Where: Outside of Senator Schumer’s NYC Office
757 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Between 48th and 47th on 3rd Ave

Media Contact: Marisol Ramos, co- founder
Cell: 917-443-7013
Office: 212-497-3477
link to

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