Saturday, March 5, 2011

Announcing NEW Blog: Barrio Dogs

Welcome the new blog about Rescuing Dogs and educating a community about Pet Care

I have a special place for barrio dogs, since the organization is from my own neighborhood - East End Houston.  Within the past three years we have adopted 2 dogs from East End.  Every day when we walk our dogs we see strays everywhere. 

Generally, there are two beautiful black Lab mixes down the street who don't have a home - they just hang around, waiting for one of the neighbors to feed them.  There are hundreds of dogs in East End who have homes but are tied up in their back yards, many on short leashes (like our dogs were before we adopted them).  Barrio Dogs is here to help us learn about how to treat our dogs -- to keep them on leashes when we are walking them, to give them heart worm medicine every month (in Houston its a death sentence if you don't) and to treat them humanely - treat them with respect.

The best breed of dog is a "Rescue."

In Memory of Guapa

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