Monday, March 14, 2011

No More Arizonas - For Now

State Legislatures Slow on Immigration Measures

Under newly fortified Republican control, many state governments started the year pledging forceful action to crack down on illegal immigration, saying they would fill a void left by the stalemate in Washington over the issue.

Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico says she will continue to push for a repeal of a state law that grants driver’s li- censes to illegal immigrants. The State Senate de- feated a bill she supported.
Now, with some legislatures winding down their sessions, the lack of consensus that has immobilized Congress has shown up in the legislatures as well, and has slowed — but not stopped — the advance of bills to penalize illegal immigrants.

No state has passed a law that replicates the one adopted last April in Arizona, which greatly expanded the powers of police officers ...more


Vicente Duque said...

Arizona Republic : 60 Great Arizona Businesses protest against Russell Pearce : US Airways, PetSmart, Sunbelt Holdings, Intel Corp, The Arizona Republic. The Who is Who of Arizona Business against Racism and anti-Hispanic Bigotry

Read the letter of the 60 CEOs to Russell Pearce, President of the AZ Senate -
60 executives say 'no' to more immigration bills - This is the beginning of the end of the Political Bigotry of Russell Pearce and Jan Brewer.

The Letter says this ( an excerpt )

"Arizona’s lawmakers and citizens are right to be concerned about illegal immigration. But we must acknowledge that when Arizona goes it alone on this issue, unintended consequences inevitably occur. Last year, boycotts were called against our state’s business community, adversely impacting our already-struggling economy and costing us jobs. Arizona-based businesses saw contracts cancelled or were turned away from bidding. Sales outside of the state declined. Even a business which merely had “Arizona” in its name felt the effects of the boycotts, compelling them to launch an educational campaign about their company’s roots in Brooklyn. It is an undeniable fact that each of our companies and our employees were impacted by the boycotts and the coincident negative image."

"Tourism, one of our state’s largest industries and employment centers, also suffered from negative perceptions after the passage of SB 1070. The fact Governor Brewer directed $250,000 to repairing Arizona’s reputation strongly suggests these efforts – whether fair or unfair - are harmful to our image."

The Arizona Republic
60 executives say 'no' to more immigration bills
March 16, 2011

Some excerpts :

More boycotts, more protests, more lost business. Arizona doesn't need this.

The state Senate is looking at a reckless, costly and counterproductive package of immigration bills.

document The CEOs' letter to Russell Pearce

Senate President Russell Pearce said, in a meeting with the Editorial Board, that he saw no downside to last year's misguided Senate Bill 1070.

Sixty top Arizona executives know the reality. In a virtually unprecedented move, they sent a joint letter to Pearce urging him not to pass any more immigration bills.

These are the leaders who cross the economic spectrum in Arizona, from health care and development to tourism and automotive. Their company names are familiar: US Airways, PetSmart, Sunbelt Holdings, Intel Corp. They include The Arizona Republic.

Vicente Duque said...

First, they came for the Native Indians, but since I am not an Indian, I did not give a damn. - Then they came for the Hispanics, but since I am not Hispanic, I just laughed.

Then they came for the Gays, but I am not a Gay. So nothing interesting.

Then they came for Abortion Girls and Abortion Doctors, but I have no Uterus.

Then they came for the Unions, but since I am not a Unionist, I could not care less.

Then they came for the Teachers, Police and Firefighters and I was amused, I am none of them.

Then they came for the Democrats, but since I am not a Democrat, I just sighed.

Then they came for Ugly people, but since I am very handsome I laughed.

Then they came for the Fools and after they took them away Arizona was left empty of people with only cactus and coyotes.


Russell Pearce and his band of Republican Fools are and have been completely monothematic, I wish that Jack Nicholson films "someone flew over the cuckoo's nest" in the Madhouse or Foolhouse of Arizona Republicans.

They are more ridiculous than "Le cirque du Soleil" ( which I like very much ! ) - That is topmost in Extravagance and Indulgence in Folly.

Vicente Duque