Thursday, June 16, 2011

Adopting a Dog

If you live anywhere near Houston - consider adopting a dog from Barrio Dogs - a non-profit that rescues dogs from Houston's East End neighborhood.  In the photo below is "Copper" - who needs a home.  Contact them at

From BarrioDogs

For many months, rescue Copper has been in a very good foster home.  The current foster has several rescues and is doing their share, more than many.  We need to move Copper back to boarding, but would rather not.  With your help, let's find him a home.

Meet Copper – This volunteer favorite has been in our program for nine months and has lived more horror than any creature should know.  Heartless humans placed Cooper inside a dumpster at Sherwin Williams located in 2nd Ward, Houston, TX.  He was found by a store employee dehydrated, starving, and with multiple medical conditions.

This amazing hound has endured a lot in his short life.  His most formative puppy days were spent recovering, but is now healthy and at a good weight and just needs that right home. 

Cooper is a lovely dog, just needs a special friend that can show him the way with patience, companionship and love. We don’t doubt he can grow into the dog he was meant to become.

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