Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Dog is for Life

How many people do you know have purchased a dog and after a year or so don't want them anymore.  Or how many people do you know take in a dog (either by purchasing or adopting) and don't give them heart worm medicine - in a region where heart worm is a given for any dog?

Dogs are not just things.  They actually have feelings.  This has been proven by research over and over again.  They can feel sad, angry, abandoned, and happy.  They are living, breathing, feeling beings.

Barrio dogs in Houston has lots of dogs that need homes.  Posted here is Emmy Grace who was adopted but has been returned because the owners no longer had time to care for her....  If you live in the Houston area and have room for a dog like Emmy Grace - please contact Barrio Dogs or send an email to  (see more information below)

By the way:


from BarrioDogs:  Meet Emmy Grace – She was named Grace for short because it was the grace of god that we found her.  She was found lost and crying on the corner of Broadmoor and Pearson in Greater East End Houston when she was a very young puppy.  We asked neighbors and they indicated she had been there for a few days crying.  She was lucky to find a home, but sadly, the adopted owner does not have time for a young dog anymore.

Emmy needs a break!  She is a very sweet loving dog and just wants to be a young dog and have fun.  She would benefit with having a yard and lots of activity would make her a well-adjusted dog. 

She has been spayed and up to date on all of her vaccines.  She is close to a year old.  We are in a desperate need of a foster and of course an adopter would be the miracle this sweetheart is looking for.  Please help us network her story.

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