Saturday, November 17, 2007

John McCain on the DREAM ACT

John McCain with his much younger wife Cindy

Would it be fair to say that one shouldn't vote for any presidential candidate that has a second or third wife who is younger by 20 years or more? At the moment I can think of a few, Chris Dodd, Fred Thompson, and of course, John McCain. What does this mean about a man's character? Another question; do trophy wives only come with blonde hair?

I was hoping on a long shot that McCain would have been for the DREAM ACT since he initially supported immigration reform. But then, he did change his position after he was highly criticized. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but it could be possible that his not being present for the vote meant he had mixed feelings about turning down the DREAM ACT?

According the conservative blog "Powerline" October 25, 2007:

'John McCain held another blogger call today. He began by discussing the two major votes in the Senate yesterday -- the confirmation of Judge Southwick and the failure of the Democrats to force a vote on the Dream Act. McCain returned to Washington to help get Southwick confirmed, but left for Iowa before the Dream Act vote, in order to attend an event at which he gave what he described as a major speech about what's next in the entire Middle East region now that "we're succeeding in Iraq."

...As for the Dream Act, McCain told us that he would have voted against cloture (i.e., in favor of preventing a vote) because he "got the message" this summer that Americans want the border secured before we "go on to the rest." McCain would deem parts of the border secure when the governor of the relevant state so certifies.

Since McCain is clearly on record as to how he would have voted on the Dream Act cloutre motion, and since his vote was not needed to prevent cloture, there seems to be no basis for criticizing his departure for Iowa prior to the vote.'
this information was previously posted in Slade Magazine November 12, 2007



Anonymous said...

what a jerk off, dream act would help many teens get documents and this guy just want to worsen things up...

I hope Barack wins!!!

Anonymous said...

I am republican, and I would vote for McCain ALL THE WAY, but it pisses off that he is not giving illegal immigrants more possibilities. My parents brought me here when I was 6 and since then they are been doing back-breaking jobs to feed our family. My MOM, a woman, had to do jobs that were intended for strong men. We are hard working people. Another thing that pisses me of is that whenever people talk about immigrants, the first thing that pops into their head, is Mexican or hispanics. Have you ever seen a hispanic hobo?? NO. We work hard. Other races are immigrants too. Isn't racist to refer to hispanics when talking about immigrants? And the taxes thing is just plain stupid. We get minimum wage, sometimes not even that, if we get into an accident at work, it doesn't matter to them. We are befitting THEM, so I don't know WHY they're wining. And were not "stealing" your jobs, were taking the ones you don't want cause we can't get anything better.

so anyone who has a problem with illegal immigrants can to hell.