Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finally a word about Tiger

My mother would rave about Tiger. Everybody watched him. His talent was amazing. When I used to see him play I would wonder how many hours everyday he had to work out to be so fantastically good. Now I'm wondering how he was such a good golfer considering he didn't seem to have much time to concentrate on his sport.

It is a sad situation for him, and even more so for his wife and kids. At the same time its a reality check for the rest of us. So often we want to be important, to be noticed, to be famous or really rich (like Tiger) and we forget the huge price people pay for all of this. Tiger lost touch with the real world. I don't know if he'll ever make it back.


The Sin City VIP service that seduced Tiger Woods

The art of adultery has been incorporated in the business models of Vegas clubs

By Guy Adams - London Independent

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Every now and then the expectant crowds will part so that a headset-wearing hostess can march through, accompanied by wealthy men who are known in the industry as "whales". They are ushered to a cordoned-off area overlooking the main arena, where they are brought extortionately priced drinks and assigned a "mood advisor," whose duties include plumping up the cushions and offering, with the words "blondes or brunettes, sir?" to drag willing young women off the dancefloor to join the party.

Tiger Woods was a whale. In fact he was one of the biggest and most coveted (a blue whale, perhaps?) in a multimillion-dollar industry that stretches from London and Ibiza to New York, Miami, Dubai, Vegas and any number of global "party towns". And it is testament to the success with which the VIP nightclub scene quietly facilitates the indiscretions of not just Woods, but scores of other actors and sportsmen, that the scandal which prompted him to quit golf "indefinitely" to concentrate on being "a better husband, father and person" took so long to emerge... link to complete article

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