Thursday, December 31, 2009

Going Home is No Help

Hospitals are sending undocumented people back to their home countries instead of paying for continued medical care. Indeed, things will get much worse as the Latino immigrant population continues to develop diabetes (it is already an epidemic).

What do you do when one person in the family is undocumented and others are citizens? What if the citizens are small children? Can you imagine moving to Mexico at the age of 7 if you have never been there? Some people would say, those are the breaks, the people broke the law. But its not as simple as that... Life and economics are never simple. Yet our solutions seem to be simple and often disastrous. Immigration enforcement is dangerous. People that need dialysis that return to Mexico have very limited resources. If your kidneys are not working you will die within a few weeks if you do not have dialysis. What a burden to have on your conscience if you are the person who sent someone back to die.

For Ailing Illegal Immigrants, Return Home Brings No Relief by Kevin Sack. New York Times, December 31, 2009

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