Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hispanic / Latino Anti-Defamation Coalition SF


We are against all kinds of Hate Speech and believe that for repeat offenders, there should be consequences.

But any rules of sanctions should be fair and equally applied and so far CNN is falling far short on the first real test on how just, fair and even handed that news outlet really is.

Our dear friend Cynthia writes this:
CNN firing Rick Sanchez, What do you think about it?

One part of us think:
That Rick should've known better before blabbing out (of all people, against the Jews) in a radio interview ( ) .

Many of us were supporters of Rick originally because he replaced lou dobbs, and he is a nice guy that can be talented, but increasingly his show got goofier when it increased in time; and he filled up the time with silly "lists"; and we became less interested.

Another part of us think:
that it was unfair for CNN to fired Rick so quickly, it only took CNN a few hours to fire Rick, after his controversial radio interview.
In the interview Rick makes some comments that "Jews own CNN and all the media, and that Jews are hardly an oppressed minority, etc."- but because Rick offended the Jews he got fired real quick.

Comparing to what Rick said in just seconds about Jews is roses, to what Lou Dobbs said daily for years and years about Mexicans and Latinos is pure evil. How long did it take CNN to fire Lou Dobbs? better yet, how many YEARS did it take CNN to fire Dobbs? too many years! - and the decision to fire dobbs didn't come from CNN management only, the pressure to fire Dobbs came from us the grass roots and other to complete article

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