Sunday, October 24, 2010

A New Silent Majority Exists & It's Sick of the Tea-Bagger Noise

by David Zephyr [Subscribe]
Sun Oct 24, 2010 at 04:47:07 PM PDT

"Oops, maybe they have awakened a sleeping giant that would have otherwise ignored this election and just sat it out. Oops, maybe the tea-baggers got too loud, you know, like an alarm clock."

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Remember the "Silent Majority"? Well, it's back in 2010, but it's not the old Richard Nixon voting base anymore. No, there's a new Silent Majority in America. Oh, it's still silent. And it is the majority. But make no mistake, there's been a tectonic shift culturally, racially and demographically from the America of the 1950's and 1960's. And that's not good news for the Republican Party. Why?

Because America's new Silent Majority is growing sick and tired of the of crude, loud right-wing, tea-bagging minority and their vulgar antics. You can take this to the bank.

So, just who is this Silent Majority? I'll tell you.

They are the quiet men and women in the grocery line when the right-wing cranky woman starts gassing her lunacy out loud about President Obama being a Muslim, being born in Kenya, or hating white people, or that he is cozy with terrorists.

They are parents, who attend school sports events with their kids, and are forced to endure hearing that same old, cranky man in the bleachers talking loudly -- and always loud enough so everyone can hear him -- about that "god-damned Nancy Pelosi" and the Democrats for socializing our health-care" and "taking away our constitutional rights".

This new Silent Majority of Americans includes not just whites, blacks, asians, latinos, but also families that are blessedly mixed racially, and who have a gay child, brother, sister, aunt or uncle that they love dearly. These Americans may not speak up in that grocery line or at the sports event, for not wanting to embarrass their children or because it's just not how they behave. But, believe me, their silence is deadly.

Americans are not fooled. They know that every town has these cranks, who are always the usual suspects, the same ones who quote Rush Limbaugh, who always get "worked up" about this or that, who harangue city council meetings with their right-wing crap. They know them.

The American People remember.

The American People know good and god-damned well who caused the great financial collapse, and who caused the national wave of home foreclosures. They know it was George W. Bush and his Republican Party.

The American People know good and god-damned well who caused the horrific unemployment in our nation, who cheer-led the outsourcing of their jobs to cheap foreign labor. No amount of Republican television advertising can make them forget who ran the Titanic into the iceberg.

The American People know good and god-damned well who started these two multi-trillion dollar wars that returned young boys and girls back to their hometowns in caskets or permanently maimed physically and mentally. And Americans know exactly who to blame for it.

And this Silent Majority, normally apathetic, typically apolitical has been holding their collective tongue for the last 12 months, as the right-wing rabble began their shouting, whipping up their pathetic, puny "loud minority" into harassing Democratic candidates at public forums, seizing town-hall meetings, stirring up hatred for immigrants and minorities. And they have not liked what they have seen. More...

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