Monday, February 21, 2011

Education is slashed while NASCAR Wins

In the U.S. Government's 2011 Battle of the Budget there has been once clear winner:  NASCAR.  Congress give NASCAR $7 million a year to put decals on the race cars.  In consideration of losing so many other really needed services, a Minnesota Democrat requested to stop the funnel of money to NASCAR.  The bill was brought down easily by a straight Republican vote.

That tells us where some Congress people really are.  NASCAR is more important than educating our children.

Interesting that this bit of news did not become news.... must not be important...


House votes to let Pentagon sponsor NASCAR races

WASHINGTON (AP)—The House has voted to let the Pentagon continue using taxpayer dollars to sponsor NASCAR race teams.

By a 281-148 vote, lawmakers rejected an effort by Minnesota Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum that would have ended the practice. McCollum aides said the Army is spending $7 million on a sponsorship this year, and the Air Force and National Guard are spending additional money.

McCollum said the military spends the funds to place decals on race cars and for a few driver appearances. The armed forces hope the sponsorships will help them attract recruits.

The Navy and Marine Corps dropped their NASCAR sponsorships in recent years, saying they didn’t know whether they worked.

Most Democrats backed McCollum’s effort, while Republicans voted overwhelmingly against it.

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kenneth sims said...

this cannot be real.