Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Egypt? 2 11 2011

Al Jazeera 

 Mubarak's requiem: who will emerge?
There are many outstanding leaders ready to take the mantle, and lead Egypt into a new era of democratic rule.

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A regime is dying, the second in as many months in the Arab world. How the outside world looks at succession and how local people approach it will differ. The positive fact about change in Egypt and Tunisia this time round is that citizens of both countries are not beholden to the West.

These are home-grown popular uprisings that revitalized popular sovereignty and the will to choose. To aid this birthing, Western governments should do one thing: nothing at all, leaving dictators to face their moment of doom and leaving self-governing people to their own devices. Thus, democratic futures will ensue.

With the imminent end of Mubarak this year, whether in days or weeks, another Pharaoh is discarded to the dustbin of history. But who will lead Egypt to resume its status as a regional player?

The good news is that Egypt has a large pool of leaders, institutions, civic bodies and parties to facilitate a smooth and democratic transition.

Of the key contenders for power in the post-Mubarak era, one faction seems to be leading the pack.

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