Friday, February 11, 2011

TAFSA in DANGER for Texas DREAMers - Texas Budget Crisis

A DREAMer student at UH was told this week by a financial aid staff member that TAFSA may likely be eliminated.  The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board sent out a memo stating the following:

'... a memo from the Commissioner of Higher Education to Presidents and Chancellors, copied to Financial Aid Officers.  "In most years, institutions can reasonably estimate their future state aid based on prior year funding levels and experience.  The CB is also usually willing to estimate allocations to institutions based on our experience with the appropriations process.  This year however, we are not in a position to provide this information given the intial budget reductions in financial aid set forth in the introduced base bills. . . . . Be advised that absent any formal guidance on funding levels from the CB, any institution offering state aid awards for FY2012 does so at its own risk."'

TAFSA is a state funded program.  Any change in TAFSA would affect thousands of DREAMers.

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