Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Poor Turkey - and the Poor Fat Diabetic American

There are two pictures of Turkey's in this post.  The first was painted before mass market farming and antibiotics, and cages where Turkey's are fattened up so much they can't walk.  There is a story in this, as the Turkey's get fatter and UN-healthier, so do people.....
Before Mass Market Farming and Antibiotics
Did you know that Turkey's have feelings?  They develop attachments to people.  They also enjoy things like dancing.

My daughter was telling me a few days ago that she does not celebrate Thanksgiving, that is a "white" holiday anyway. While I have memories of many big Thanksgiving dinners at my Mexican American home in the 50s-60s-70s - she (born in the 1980s) feels differently.

Fat Turkey - 2010
But then again, people of Mexican descent and other Latinos generally (like most Americans) can't imagine a meal without lots of meat.  That is why we are dying like flies from Diabetes.  But then, as my cousins say, "I will never give up meat!"  even it it kills them...

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