Friday, February 22, 2008

4oth Anniversary of 1968 Walk-Outs

I wish I could've been there 40 years ago...I watched the movie portraying the events of that era, It was very inspiring -- WALKOUT 2006

I remember in high school, we wanted to walk-out because the administration didn't want to allow us to have PROM in Galveston's Moody Garden...which was out of the norm for any high school in Houston. We made our case and we got what we wanted... not so much significant like allowing Chicanos to go to college..

Young adults- Chicanos have paved the way for many and gave all Latinos an opportunity to go to college and be treated equally. I recommend the movie, check it out...but

Imagine if all immigrant students would rise to demand a path to citizenship? Educated Latinos, Asians, Middle Easterners and Europeans who have lived in the US all their lives could be able to revolutionize poor immigration reform...but only so few show this type of emotion mainly caused by wanting freedom...the rest are still unaware of their status or are living in fear.



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