Monday, October 27, 2008

U.S. attack in Syria

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Democracy Now
October 27, 2008

US Troops Carry Out Deadly Attack in Syria

US forces attacked a farm in eastern Syria near the Iraqi border on Sunday, reportedly killing eight civilians. Syria’s official news agency said four US helicopters crossed into Syria carrying the US troops. The Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned what it described as as act of aggression. The attack is believed to mark the first time that US troops have launched an attack inside Syria since the start of the Iraq war. The Bush administration has accused Syria of not doing enough to stop anti-American forces from crossing the border into Iraq.

London Guardian
October 27, 2008

Eight killed in US raid on Syria

Damascus reacts with fury to what it says was a helicopter and special forces strike on its territory
The Syrian foreign minister today condemned the killing of eight civilians in a US raid as an act of "criminal and terrorist aggression".

Speaking at a press conference during a visit to London, Walid al-Moallem demanded a US investigation into the attack, which was launched from Iraq.

Moualem said eight unarmed civilians including three children were killed. But at the funerals of the victims today, an Associated Press photographer saw the bodies of seven men.

Moualem warned of military retaliation if there were future cross-border raids, saying: "If they do it again, we will defend our territory."

Washington has said it targeted foreign fighters in the raid.

Moualem said: "They [the US] know we stand against al-Qaida. We condemn their attacks against the Iraqi people."

"The Americans do it in the daylight … this means it is not a mistake, it's by blunt determination. For that, we consider this criminal and terrorist aggression."
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