Friday, October 31, 2008

Piolin is voting

Piolin is the guy who helped organize the gigantic march in Los Angeles in Spring 2006.  The size of his audience is astounding, he has 28 million listeners in 23 states! .....He is now an American citizen and plans to vote-  see this interview by the Washington Post.  AP photo by Damian Dovarganes.
Washington Post - Interactive
October 31, 2008
video haiku:  the campaign in moments

Candidates love to court, and all voters are potential lovers.  Why not some Latino love?  Barack Obama to Latinos:  "You hold this election in your hands."  Sarah Palin to Latinos:  Meet the new Jose the Plumber, Tito el constructor.  John McCain and Obama to Laitnos:  Live interviews with Tweety Bird.

Not the Oscar-winning cartoon character, Tweety Bird.  The Spanish-Language morning radio sensation, Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo.  That Tweety Bird...

The Other Piolin (Piolin means Tweety Bird in Spanish):

link to cartoon image

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