Friday, April 1, 2011

Help Keep a Texas DREAMer from Being Deported

from FIEL
Over 5,000 Signatures in 48 Hours

Hello FIEL Supporters!

We are happy to announce that since we went public with Mario's campaign, 2:30p.m. Wednesday March 30, 2011, we have collected over 5,000 signatures! We want to thank each and everyone of you for your support and would like to encourage you to sign Mario's petition if you haven't done so already by
clicking here

Pleas forward this email you your friends and family!

If you want to print out and sign the petition
click here Please print, sign and fax it to 713-669-5293 attention to Anna Patrick.

FIEL would like to thank Neighborhood Centers Inc. for their upmost support on this case and for being a partner in the campaign along with United We DREAM.

Thanks to all of you who have signed and together we CAN keep Mario Perez Home! (below is his story and more action items you can do)



Mario is among the thousands of undocumented students who could benefit from the passage of the DREAM Act.  But three months after the DREAM Act failed in the U.S. Senate, an immigration judge in Houston 
threatened Mario’s American dream. Mario has no criminal record but came to the attention of ICE due to traffic violations. On March 9, 2011, the immigration judge ordered him removed from the United States. He could be deported as early as April 2011.
Mario came to this country at an early age and was raised in the Houston area. America is all he has ever known. This is Mario’s home.  He did not understand that he was undocumented until he was applying to college and learned he did not have a social security card. Like many DREAMers, his persistence paid off and he was able to pursue a college education. He is currently a senior at Stephen F. Austin State University majoring in mathematics and statistics. As a proud member of the legendary Alpha Phi Alpha fraternityMario has contributed more than 1,400 volunteer hours to the community, and he planned to pursue a career in engineering.
Unfortunately, unless Mario’s deportation is stopped, his hard work and dedication could have been in vain. Sign this petition to ask the Department of Homeland Security and the President Obama to immediately halt Mario’s deportation.
Here are some things you can do to help:

Sign this petition
Email a link to this petition to 5 friends:
Tweet about it: Mario Perez could be deported as early as April 2011! Help stop his deportation. Sign the petition:

Join the facebook groupStop the Deportation of Mario Perez

Change your facebook status to: Stop the Deportation of Mario Perez

Volunteer with FIEL Houston, the group advocating locally for Mario:
Thank you for your HELP!


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